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Rob N. Banks

That's some piss poor mental gymnastics on the part of David Graham. I thought The Atlantic had higher standards than that. That's World Net Daily level hucksterism.


An associate editor at the Atlantic, wow. It's proof that our society is getting dumber by the minute.

But wait, in a way, we are a central (as in forming the center) American nation whose economy depends on bananas, or rather, those people who are bananas:

ba·nan·as [buh-nan-uh z]
adjective, Slang.
1. crazy; deranged: All that chatter is driving me bananas.
2. wildly enthusiastic: The crowd went bananas when the music began.


However, Simon Johnson, former cheif economist at the IMF, DOES understand what "banana republic" means and how that relates to the U.S. of A. Hence his disturbing 2009 article:


And shouldn't anybody for writes for The Atlantic, you know, like read The Atlantic?? Or was David Graham in high school in 2009?

Ken Barrows

What with the global warming and such, perhaps American production of bananas will soon increase and meet the threshold for the narrowest definition of Banana Republic.

Dave Cohen


Thanks for reminding me about that Simon Johnson piece. I'd forgotten all about it. It makes for good reading if you want some details about the United States as a Banana Republic.

And Johnson should know -- he is the former chief economist of the IMF.

-- Dave

John D

Aren't you being a little harsh on banana republics, comparing them to the United States?


Great news, Dave. Using Graham's mind-numbingly smart analytical abilities, we can breathe a sigh of relief that we are NOT screwed.

You see, we can't be screwed, because according to latest reports, we've just had the final nail in our coffin.

Nail, you see. Not screw.

In the immortal words of Jimmy Durante: yes we have no bananas...




Don't knock domestic banana production! I'll have you know that apple bananas grown in Hawaii are far tastier than the bananas grown by inferior overseas competitors. Really.

I see the current state as a sort of return to form. It's feudalism but conducted with capital instead of land. There is a natural tendency for the strong to consolidate wealth and impoversh the weak, which goes on until the weak overthrow the strong, but then repeats. We had our moment of relative equality after the reforms of the 30's under an actually brave president who did take on the elites despite being one of them (helped along by WWII which solidified the place of the US as the major industrial power). But all this was gradually reversed.

We really should just give these people titles so that we at least know their public place and force them into the open. These elites have more power than the old nobles but with less responsibility and less public visibility (unless they really screw up or they go into politics). Their names are public, yet the public doesn't know them.

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