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Facebook is planning on entering the cryptocurrency game. It's not enough that our technocratic overlords control the public square, no, these 1:1 archetypes of Flatland beings want to extend their control into the realm of commerce. The Future! is bright.


Here is Tim Pool speaking about this insanity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7_OKTPo1gk

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I thinks it violates freedom of speech. Facebook is becoming more and more terrible. If a new social media website appears in the future, it will have all the changes to gain more popularity and users will move there.


Google couldn't compete with Facebook (or Twitter), so what makes you think that an alternative to Facebook will appear? And assuming it is based in Silicon Valley, which is highly likely, like all of the other tech giants that control what we can see, hear, and say, why would they have a different set of values than Facebook?

Facebook has a userbase of about 3 billion people - there are no competitors to that.

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