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steve c

Generally, anything centralizing power is bad, anything reducing competition is bad, but is the status quo working very well either? The internet and the quality of media content is a real mess.

Overall, I think a step in the wrong direction, but what about fair compensation for original content creators? (Leaving aside the questionable quality or agenda of much media output. )

I heard nothing specific about costs. The devil is in the details, but maybe a sliding scale fee based on readership of linking websites? I wonder how small a micro transaction can get before the computing power to manage it costs more than the amount in question?

Maybe a cheaply enabled and enforced "link tax" both ways, where small sites get a piece when they are linked to? Also,I may have missed who is paying for all the new tech and programmers to enforce the new rules.

FWIW, this news came up on my MSM newsfeed, so I think most people will hear about it, though they may not take to the streets with pitchforks.

Thanks for continuing to post.

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