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Alexander Ač


there is this defeating silence! Just incredible. The linked video reminds me two things.

a) Here's your problem - I looks like you're paying attention to what's going on.

b) It Does Not Matter Cassic movie scene It just does not matter



Hello Dave,

Well. I enjoy your posts and writings. Discovered them just a year ago and now this website's my default read. Would love more (despite the hundreds of articles to choose from), but I understand when there's nothing left to do, that's it, for the flatland model is the beat-all-to-end-all model of all human behavior (in my personal opinion). Understanding flatland does make for lonely living, as I do see (more than ever now) that everybody lives and works towards maintaining their own entropy constant and otherwise denying their motivations, weather they know it or not. I catch myself in the act of it, too, and am almost always powerless to stop it (or at least that's how the decision feels).

If this is your last post, your work is otherwise sown and is having its effect. News like yours travels slowly, but persists onward and eventually comes to be (weather permitting). I consider myself a convert to your model, and reading your works gives practice in recognizing flatland in myself and others, both in the present moment and the recorded events of the past. Reading your works also makes living easier; before I was on the road of a feral doomsayer, but your works converted me to determinism which understands we behave in predictable ways, according to our genetic programming and our environment and the laws of physics, and, most importantly, understands the limits that we may know of and control such phenomenon of existence. Your flatland model helps to give anyone (who's ready to listen) the right ideas to comprehend the workings of their world. The utility of this knowledge is, in my opinion, best served now (because of little, practical recourse's remaining) in preparing people (once again, who'll listen) in facing the future as it becomes harder (and we know it will), either in bravely continuing or bravely dying: the latter is all Socrates could admit was the first and foremost use of Philosophy, to prepare a person for death.

Not to sound grim, but your works help with just that! Where 99.99% of all other writings circulated these days ting with the flatland optimism, yours are the pill all will in due time have to eventually need to swallow anyway (and even handed out free!). Better, yours is also not simply complete doomer porn, but recognizes that kind of behavior as reactionary and typical of humans as well,a product of our minds and environment just as much as the masses optimism, and so yours does not stoop in content and thought, but remains the middle way of human understanding. For us (few) who follow, we are grateful that such writings have come to exist, that such a mind has emerged with keenness and experience enough to put us all in perspective, providing numerous examples along the way, and then following through to the best of their ability! That we may also know ourselves therein and our world throughout!

I say thank you for your works! I'll hope for more, but that's my nature at this point. I ask forgiveness if my words pang of cringe, for I am still young enough to feel resurgent enthusiasms of control and plans of action (though now I'm always suspicious of my motivations otherwise) and your works provoke me just so. Lastly, could I, then would I apologize for us all who troll or cave in to our optimisms or simply can't/won't understand the facts or your letters (and you being only a messenger for the writing on the wall of our physical world and our unconscious behaviors), but such words change nothing. But we know that already!

Dave, do what you gotta do. We all will, anyway. Should the 5th Flatland essay appear, I, for one, will celebrate! And I'll celebrate for all future posts, as well (though it's probably obvious by now that I'm very easy to please)! Otherwise, writing's probably a bitch of a task, anyway. And with the weight of it all being heavy and the reward of it all being futile, who can blame anyone of stopping at this point. Especially with so much good efforts already behind them!

Kind regards,

Matt VZ

Can we possibly get Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro's take on this?


The Fourteenth Book
"What Can a Thoughtful Man Hope for Mankind on Earth, Given the Experience of the Past Million Years?"

You got it.

It is never a mistake to say...

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