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Jeremy MG

"It seems to me our generation will definitely encounter a more difficult reality, but they're certainly not facing it. Our peers, you included, are facing and gripping more tightly to the past than even the dying boomers."

No, it's more of a "I'd like to eat and have healthcare and really don't want to work four jobs to do so". What past are they gripping onto exactly? The one where they were watching cartoons and playing Super Nintendo. I That's their past. These aren't unemployed, former factory workers in their mid-50's.

Unless they were born into privilege, I think they've kind of figured out things are going to be worse for them and their children than it was for their parents and grandparents. That's why the obligatory hope has shifted to universal basic income. It's now, "Shit. There aren't any jobs to go around. I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for healthcare and other basic services because the social safety net is being gutted. Surely they are going to throw us some kind of bone, right?"

"When you get drunk and whine about needing hope, this is you longing for the past, for example."

That's mostly tongue in cheek. Why would I come here looking for hope when there are countless other spots I can go to find some positive affirmation? Coming here for that would be like going to an AA meeting looking to have a few beers.

You're conflating hope with expectations. When I hear a gurgling sound in the basement, I'm expecting to see a pool of sewage spewing out from the floor drain. As I head down the steps, I REALLY hope I won't have to spend the next three hours ankle deep in shit trying to clean everything, but I'm expecting that to be the case.

That's kind of how I view the future.

You seem to be under this impression that I dislike and insult you because I can't handle your harsh truths. As I've said, I've seen plenty of unhappy endings. I've witnessed all the hope, happy thinking, and in some cases the outright desperate pleas to a higher power not change the dreadful, sad outcome. I don't want this future. I don't want to see the suffering and continued destruction. I'm well aware that this won't change the outcome.

You've made it pretty clear that the you view the future as some sort of punishment for mankind's carelessness towards the natural world. You have stated you are trying to "get in the right frame of mind" in order to enjoy further suffering and destruction. Cast the sinners in to the fire, right?

That's why I dislike and insult you. You deserve it, IMO.

This has been a very selfish post. I apologize to the readers. I've allowed my self to be cross-examined by some self-righteous, Rodger Elliot-weirdo.

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