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I agree that our great globalised Civilisation isn't going away in a hurry. As I usually note when discussing collapse (everybody wants a date) - Civilisation WILL keep going... until it can't!

I also agree that we'll build more/higher tech 'solutions' and embark on great new adventures in outer-space. But as you note, all whilst everything (of real importance) gets worse by the day. And why does it get worse... because of our stupid techno-uptopian dreams. Contrary to popular belief, (and as you noted throughout your comment) humanity's future does not lie amongst the stars!

But (purely hypothetically) if by some techno-sorcery we did master interstellar travel (not to mention find ways to keep our minds/bodies functioning healthily in space) what are we going to do with it other than totally fuck up the rest of the cosmos? Seriously!

Indeed it's not just possible for a technological wonderland to exist as well as a degrading biosphere - it's an essential component - they go hand in hand/cause & effect.

Elysium was silly... but it was no coincidence that it was set in South Africa. No doubt you've seen the gated/walled in mansion complexes, right next door to slums. All around the world the Elite/Ultra-wealthy/Bourgeois are walling off the dirty proles/peasants/poor & destitute/etc...


The future you describe is already here.

But don't get me wrong, I'm human too and was long a fan of SciFi (Picard is better then Kirk!), less so now that I'm awake to the reality of things. My favorite is Aliens... despite the weakness of recent installments. I dunno... its just something about a Corporation & Business/Military-men being ripped new aholes by a free and wild animal whilst they try desperately, yet in vein, to domesticate/commoditise it. :-)

Thanks for the chat Jim!

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