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Jim, I was genuinely surprised about your last sentence...

"But, I'll also say this - we here tend to put a lot of weight on the worst outcomes, while techno-utopians put a lot of weight on the best outcomes. The future might be one, the other, or more probably, some combination of both."

I'd be interested to know what sort of things you'd consider as "techno-uptopian best outcomes" and why you think they'd probably happen?

From my pov (and I'm genuinely trying to be balanced here) I can't think of 1 thing (of actual worth to our species) thats getting better? Autonomous vehicles, Amazon Drone deliveries, Captain Musk and his USS SpaceX going boldly where... you get my drift? I dont see any of this crap as a good/yet alone best outcome.

How's the air, water, food, biodiversity and climate going these days? You know, stuff that actually matters to the survival of our species...

Us "doomers" should get down on ourselves for seeing & speaking the truth... hoping for a better future is one thing, believing technology will save us is another.

It's quite simple really - forests preceed & deserts follow civilisation!

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