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Brian Sheller

The actual motivation to insult me is a the result of unconscious process that presents its product to and ultimately rules your conscious mind, a product that 'you' then indulge and let fly from your fingers.

Our interactions, driven by your animal behavior, are a flatland case study if there ever was one. There are actually billions.

You insult and project on to me because you're generally afraid and defensive, your post-hoc rationalization of the matter notwithstanding. If this wasn't true, you'd be minding your business and choosing to simply ignore and post parallel to me as the others and I do.

Your animal drives and unconscious decision making preclude that outcome, it seems.

There's no use in talking to you further, as much as I enjoy giving you a hard time. I've seen you launch these senseless tirades against others on the site, so feel free to take your tears to the next guy.

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