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Brian Sheller

Jeremy, 'growth' and 'progress' are fueled by the debt that's mired the millennials; the debt they keep signing their names against. Do you know what money is and how it comes to be?

It seems to me our generation will definitely encounter a more difficult reality, but they're certainly not facing it. Our peers, you included, are facing and gripping more tightly to the past than even the dying boomers.
When you get drunk and whine about needing hope, this is you longing for the past, for example.

We're the products of and entirely sustained by the energy dependent systems around us. If millennials, the living meatr of the population explosion, quit 'buying into' growth and progress, the troubles begin in earnest.

As for your repeated insults and remarkably poor manner, I can only offer the old saying,
'We'll know we're over our target by the flak we're getting.'

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