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Brian Sheller

Any flatlander with younger children will gobble second and third helpings of this delusional, uplifting fantasy. They can read it and warmly imagine something other than the violent, competitive fate awaiting their already mentally enslaved progeny. This especially applies to younger parents who were looking squarely at the 90s while they indulged their primitive drive to reproduce.

Good for Mr. Robinson on making the sentimental monkeys dance then collecting their paper. Rich(er) is better, as it's been said.
Bloomberg Advert Articles definitely help in that effort.

But those individuals capable of mitigating the primal imperative to breed might be too caught up considering the likely violent inflection/downside of the human population explosion to indulge Robinson's ignorant hopeful fantasies.

Much more effort to climb the face than it is to jump off the cliff.

Robinson doesn't want to repeat himself? I've got bad news for an optimist.

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