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Brian Sheller

We might call this marching fad Hope on a Hamster Wheel (or just stick to calling it daily life in Flatland)?

'Peacefully marching in opposition to the accelerating violent destruction of the planet. That should work if we can just signal our paper virtues hard enough!'

Propensity to 'march' in this way seems to be a good exhibit of well cultivated human docility and seems to fit within the flatland model.

'Let's go stomp around in a well designed corral and change the world, guys! If only we can send a message (to billionaire's son's playing god)!'

It seems to me that all of this marching is inherently self-defeating since it's always self-indulgent and never can satisfy the proclaimed goal, though it does provide to the marchers a much sought-after religious experience. Warm fuzzies is all anyone gets out of these marches, not unlike a fiery sermon, and that's all anyone was really after in the first place.

The preposterous list of 'scientific issues' exposes the feelgood self-indulgence with this particular event. I wonder if disappearing (slaughtered) Pacific Salmon can get a shoutout in the next sciencey tweet?

- Once the march is over, it's back to work for the exhausted, indulged and gratified slaves. Go Team!

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