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Brian Sheller

I enjoyed her bit about the 'anticipation' of the rise of alternative facts as though the truth of a matter relating to political power has ever seen daylight; as though political theatre produced for the peasantry has ever aligned usefully with realpolitik conducted by the powerful. What planet is she living on?

A lifetime of intense, driven filtering would have to take place for someone living in the United States for several decades now to write, let alone believe that 'alternative facts' have lately risen.

At the end of her article, I'd say indeed the country has been given over to a vastly illuminating psychological experiment, but that pernicious signal has been broadcast into homes and later headphones starting long before Steve Bannon was born.

Her whole article seems to be written in order to ultimately address and disparage the 'phenomenon' of the Trump administration as though anything has truly changed in the imperial capital. Should we really sit here thinking to ourselves that Hopey-Changey, Orange-y, and even the Two Shrubs are distinguishable from one another in any meaningful category?

'These days...', she says. Elizabeth seems given to the illusion of progress as a straight line driving ever forward rather than subsequent clicks of a rolling hamster wheel, but so does every human.

Flatland futility and politics makes us stupid, indeed.

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