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Peter Jones

A musical answer to your question:


Milla Javovich "The Alien Song"


Waddya mean your "last essay"?

Your voice will be much missed.


I'm looking more forward to reading the Taibbi article than all the headlines about what people wrote on Twitter about today, so thanks for that.

@Germ: Explained here:

Jeremy MG

That was pretty nauseating, especially the Jesus stuff. How do people stand up at that podium with millions watching and pretend that believe America's principles include caring for the poor and sick, while keeping a straight face? Why does Trump even pretend anymore? His most divisive rhetoric is what got him elected. He could have called Hillary a fat bitch and farted in her face right in front of everyone and suffered no consequences. Now that he's won, why try to put up this unity charade? Knowing how depraved and stupid the people of this country are, he'd probably win the popular vote next time.

The Wet One

ICP is in da house!

That used to mean Insane Clown Posse. Now, ICP means something different.

We live in interesting times.


All other thoughtside aside, can anyone imagine a more ironic end for the casino society than the casino president?


Thanks Jim.
Got it.


Trump's inauguration as the 45th Flatlander-in-Chief of these purportedly united states of 'Murica is an outstanding statement of the wonderful changes in how humans behave have developed since the first permanent human settlements began their evolution into the marvelous garden of delight we have dubbed "civilization." Our wonderfully sophisticated social structure having rid us of the annoyance of archaic tribal clashes and a mutual respect for accepting reality as it is observed to be coupled with a depth of humility that only an advanced society of intelligent beings could achieve makes the heart swell with awe and communal pride in our wonderfulness.

Homo Sapiens may be the first species to have evolved whose extinction is actually deserved.

Mike Cooper

I need more popcorn.

Compound F

funnier than fuck, Dave. I think a compilation is in order.

Tired of watching the best drop like flies.

Mike Roberts

I'm sitting back watching the fun and fireworks as I await the fourth essay.

Alexander Ač


nevermind flatland scientists moved the "doomsday clock" closer to midnight (Trump effect!), this seems to be a non-flatland story - of course, its all just (black) humor for flatlanders worth of few seconds of their "attention":

Declaring that their outlook is as hopeful as it’s been in decades, an overwhelming majority of the world’s cockroaches said in a poll released Thursday by the Pew Research Center that they felt “highly optimistic” about the future of the planet.

Cockroaches Feeling Very Optimistic About Future Of Planet

David Laskaris

Hey, Dave, hope you're well.

Have you heard about the new savior technology, "metallic hydrogen"? Yup, some exotic man-made metal that requires a shit-ton of energy to create just a few atoms worth is going save us from ourselves. Save us from all of the other crap we pull off on each other and the planet. Yep, it'll only take decades that we don't have before this miracle metal is made in large enough quantities to make a minuscule dent in our consumption of life on this planet.

Ain't you just thrilled?? I know that I sure as hell am.

Be well.

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