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M. Frank

2000. That seminal year *after* the tech bubble so successfully transferred wealth upwards and coastwards. And 20 years *after* the comprehensive and systematic hollowing out of the industrial base in the Midwest. And 15 years *after* the beginning of the breathtaking borrowing binge that resulted in a federal government so overfed and bloated that a few trillion can get misallocated in the war branch and not noticed for years.

OK. Huh. Yeah. 2000 is a great year for comparison when supporting motivated reasoning. Hats off to the Washington Post.


OK, Dave-- I got to the second paragraph where you underlined stuff and I had to stop. JFC. Why did you have to do that to me? Once I calm down I'll read the rest... Holy shit...

Dave Cohen

Sorry, Jeff.

At the outset I should have told readers to "have a bucket handy" (HBH).


-- Dave


OK, wow. Just read the full sourced article...

And one might have thought that the whole notion of emissions within some random geographic boundary within a heavily globalized economy would have been debunked by now as utter nonsense. But then one would have forgotten Flatland I guess.

Hmm, whey did US emissions fall in recent years? I can't imagine. We must be eco-fuckin-warriors, that's why. Yeah! And I don't know why all those red states keep emitting carbon, it can't have anything to do with consumption in those cosmopolitan utopias, or all over the map for that matter. It must be because they're uneducated and just like doing donuts in their F150s in abandoned mall parking lots to pass the time. Oh yeah, and they're bigots too.

Fuck me...


On one side, Hillary Clinton routed Trump in the racially and culturally diverse metropolitan centers that are helping forge a globalized, information-based, and low-carbon economy.

Forge. Hmmm. Is that like in "forging a check?"

david higham

I am from Australia,but I used to read Krugman's column in the NYT
for a while.I don't read it very often now,but I remember how he used to bang on about how economic growth could continue forever because the link between energy use and economic growth was being broken by the
'globalized,information-based and low-carbon economy' mentioned in the
second paragraph you quote.I don't know if this link by a physicist
who investigated this has been posted here before:


So what is happening in real world,as opposed to Krugman's Dreamland?



And yet more fascinating analysis from The Atlantic:


They're really on a roll these days.


"Information based low carbon economy"

Does that mean we will stop using cars, fuel, soap, dishes, phones, computers, cables, Wi-Fi routers, food, printers, clothes, steel, wood, electricity, gas, water, pharmaceuticals, tyres, air conditioners, concrete, glass, strap-ons, paper, oil, plastic, toys, jet skis and planes, and just sit around reading online piffle from the mainstream media?

Maybe its my lack of formal training in economics, but I cant see that happening. I'm a little confused. Most peoples economic activity is still around consumption of the physical world, which means physical resources and energy. What am I missing?

Mike Cooper

I love that Brookings report. It's concentrated bullshit in its purest form. The little graphs are great too. I feel sorry for Michigan.

On one side, Hillary Clinton routed Trump in the racially and culturally diverse metropolitan centers that are helping forge a globalized, information-based, and low-carbon economy.

And of course, "racially diverse" doesn't apply to places that just have a lot of boring old African-Americans. Oh no, they're so 20th century.

And the lack of hip, new, immigrant minorities has nothing to do with the fact that the economy is in the sh*tter in those places so immigrants have no reason to settle there. No, it must just be that they're a bunch of bigots. Against every other group except black people.

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