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Since the election, I've been thinking more about the often predictable, yet often unpredictable, nature of the action/reaction effect on human affairs.

Stuff like that Roberts' quote are totally predictable. He's not the first to say it (Mann and Trenberth beat him to it), and he won't be the last. This election will become a common talking point later down the road when humans look back and wonder what happened. I think it's more likely than unlikely that the election will be pointed to as a main cause by many, rather than the actually correct cause of growth in human populations and economic activity, added to humanity's inability to consider these matters with actual rationality, being an unstoppable force that was going to decide it, anyway.

But, there's no denying that history has changed now, and exactly how that plays out is far from certain. It's interesting, scary, and baffling all at the same time.

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