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Jeremy MG

I'm sure her involvement in that job will last as long as it takes to get a new book or TV deal. The fact that she is even considered for any position with real responsibilities is a joke. She walked out on her last one to cash in on her new found fame. John McCain deserves a swift kick to the taint, preferably unexpectedly and on a daily basis, for unleashing her onto the national stage.

This country is so goddamned stupid. I know it's been stupid for a long time, but then we elected Donald fucking Trump for our highest office. As much as I didn't like him before, the fact that we have to see his big, fat, unnaturally shaded, stupid fucking face on a more regular basis and dealing with important matters just vomit inducing.

I bet he doesn't last two years before he hands the job over to fucking Mike Six Pence None the Richer.

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