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Jacob Horner

Hello Dave...yeah, 'tis I again...promise not to add any silly youtube videos. I usually only do that when I'm not feeling free to do so. And "I ain't scared neith'r, ain't scared o'nothin'"

For years I've been saving my internet info and links on Excel. Also long ago, I co-opted "Ignis Fatuus" as my working metaphor for all things having to do with delusion. "Ignis Fatuus" has its own workbook which, over the years, has become extensive. Much of your work and the results of travels resulting from your work are included.

So, this morning I read this post, sorted the particulars that caught my interest, and went on my way with Ignis Fatuus on my mind. First thing was mention of Dean Burnett. A few years ago I frequented his "Brain Flapping" (good metaphor, that) column in the Guardian. Since my return I'd forgotten him. Thanks, it appears he has continued regularly.

Second, and more important, here is the short of a serendipitous breadcrumb trail today: Driftglass > David Brooks > Michael Lewis > The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds > Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky...Ignis Fatuus and Dave Cohen all the way.

So, I first encountered Lewis and Kahneman and Tversky right here. And all the resulting breadcrumb trails led to many cells and rows and worksheets full.. an Ignis Fatuus bounty.

So, many thanks again Dave.

BTW...Driftglass has been ridiculing Brooks for years...very enjoyably so.

So, I'm not really breaking my promise...it's a vimeo video.


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