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Hey look, you've scared (almost) everyone off from commenting again. Svengali's and regurgitation aren't my thing either.

I may be sorry to hear that your friend lost her mother, then again I may not be. I know that I was happy for all my grandparents to slip this noose, but then they were all old and had lived full lives. I found it more sad to see them linger.

If you want to retreat to your bubble (like everyone else) and make this a weepy blog about people we will never know then more power to you. My father-in-law more than fills that 'gap' in my personal life. I hear, for hours on end, about his Evangelical 'friends' that I don't know, never will, or really care to - he calls it 'visiting', which amounts to him bloviating endlessly.

Personally, I take some solice in finding people that are willing to confront how screwed we are, in whatever form they choose. Maybe that's just doom porn though, a product of my own haywire observations. I hope so.

I've enjoyed your work Dave (and passed it around), so thanks. Misanthropes Unite? :) Bye-bye

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