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From the linked Guardian article, last sentence: "... if there’s no good explanation for why any specific person is suffering, it’s far harder to escape the frightening conclusion that it could easily be you next".

Which is why the greatest unspoken fear in the US among those still in the top 20% income backet is the fear of losing their current comfort level or somehow being inconvenienced. This leads to pretending that poor, sick, hungry, bombed, droned, etc.. people don't exist. They don't see them, so it must be more fake news. Or they don't bother watching what passes for news or reading new online, since they are too busy watching lifestyle shows on TV (travel, restoring old cars, renovating houses, etc).

On my recent visit back to the states (right after the election) I was hanging out with family members, most in top 10% income bracket, and it was like I was living in another world. Problems, what problems? Their biggest issue seemed to be they were having a hard time getting some part replaced on a vintage car they planned to eventually resell for big bucks.

Honestly, I don't know how they do it. These are people who think it is completely normal to own several homes and buying another boat so they don't have to keep transporting the boat at property B to property A is the ideal solution.

Sorry for the rant. Trips to the US do that to me, although to be honest, I'm not sure it is any less insane anywhere else these days.

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