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The ability of this species to believe things for which no externally verifiable evidence exists and the corollary ability to dismiss, through various means of rationalization, evidence that calls into question such beliefs are part and parcel of the socialization process Burnett describes as "context" in terms of making judgements about "normal thinking." Being a tribal species it is incumbent upon the tribe to insist, for its own survival, that certain core assumptions are held in common lest divisions over the premises upon which conclusions, decisions, and actions are made either paralyzes the tribe or rends it asunder in dissolution.

We, who for only partially understood reasons, are cursed with the ability and inclination to question not only the premises but the process of their formation and consolidation and have reached the conclusion that it is an intrinsic component of what it means to be a member of Homo Sapiens and most importantly have recognized, acknowledged, accepted, and have taken ownership of and responsibility for possessing these same traits and actively make an attempt to ameliorate their deleterious effects would no doubt be classified as "delusional" by almost any identifiable tribal "context" we can think of.

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