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Alexander Ač

Hi all,

yes, DOTE is the only place one can find consistent and insistent predicament of human behaviour. And well explained why is it so.

Some information few might find useful. I provided (they asked me!) several interviews regarding ratification of Paris treaty. Basically I said its nice politicians said cliamte change is a problem worth solving (what an achievment!), but quickly pointed out words are far from actions.

Surely, flatlanders will point out MB (motivated bullshit) about energy efficient LED lights, decling carbon and energy intensity od GDP, rapidly declining price of solar/wind power, hybrid ships, elecric batteries/cars, slowing population growth and "peak child" (hi Hans Rosling!), carbon taxes increasingly accepted e.g. in Canada, declining coal emissions... did I forget someting?

But there it goes - "expert discussion" rages on, with few people paying attention, living their instinct driven unconscious shallow lives, being happy with more money for less work, pretty girlfriend, even more pretty lover, happy with kids, happy with cheap travelling, happy with friends they can use for something, idiotic movies and TV series, and, being unhappy with the opposite.

But yes, we will surely solve climate change some day, like tomorrow!



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