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I know you're not a fan of cultural influences in general, but I'll throw this out as well. This is not to say that there aren't greedy people in Saudi Arabia, or Belgium, or China, or wherever else as well, but our nation's modus operandi is to allow and even reward greed. Even when it becomes excessive and obscene, there are large percentages of the country that will justify it because they want it for themselves.

People come to this country because it's what we're about, and I think we've had it bred more deeply than it might otherwise exist into our cultural DNA, and maybe even our physical DNA, to seek out advantage for oneself over others.

This is junk, of course, but it's just an example of what's out there:

I wonder, too, if this is a sort of chicken and egg thing. Did we become the most powerful nation on Earth out of happenstance, or was it because we're a nation of greedbots? The fact that we are the most powerful now, though, certainly does amplify the greed and corruption, as it provides a safe platform for it.

The wealthiest can always plunder more and more, at least as long as those below them continue to enjoy a taste of that wealth, or the illusion of it, or the hope of it.

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