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Dave said, "But to believe that humans are ignoring scientific warnings about Earth's future because religious faith is dragging us down is ridiculous."

I agree. Believing that proposition is along the same lines of absurdity as accepting the economist's explanation I heard a short while ago: Americans are shopping less, eating out less, etc., because of worries about the upcoming election. Even my Flatlander brother had to laugh at that.

After reading the "Philosophical Pessimist" post and comments, I looked up Zapffe's "The Last Messiah" and appreciated his take on religion: "The human yearning is not merely marked by a ‘striving toward’, but equally by an ‘escape from.’ And if we use the word in a religious sense, only the latter description fits. For here, none has yet been clear about what he is longing for, but one has always a heartfelt awareness of what one is longing away from, namely the earthly vale of tears, one’s own inendurable condition. If awareness of this predicament is the deepest stratum of the soul, as argued above, then it is also understandable why the religious yearning is felt and experienced as fundamental. By contrast, the hope that it forms a divine criterion, which harbours a promise of its own fulfilment, is placed in a truly melancholy light by these considerations."


I'm new here and look forward to reading more, Dave. And I'll check out Mitch Diamond's work too...love the phrase "During the fall from unconscious frog-like grace..."

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