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Thanks, Dave. Really good post!

I agree that trivializing the Anthropocene is intellectual malpractice.

Interesting "human nature" vs "rational actor" model contrast. You are spot on that the "human nature" model implies we are not going to change our behavior (and there is a lot of evidence to support that view).

More broadly, it seems that the human herd is getting spooked by Louisiana flooding, California fires, and no less than 8 "one in five hundred year" events in 12 months in the US. Climate change is breaking through the noise this week according to number of mass media items on the subject.

None of that matters if humans fail to act. Odds are, we are going to fail to act early and strongly enough.

I'm reduced to thinking about this as a probability outcome, with the odds currently heavily favoring catastrophe BUT consistently moving slowly in the right direction.

Question is will we act before time...runs...out?

Best answer to this is NO. Best example is the IPCC taking until 2018 to release a report on 1.5 deg C warming effect (an item that you covered).

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