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One of the reasons I like your blog is that it gives me new subjects to explore. This one is mostly politics (Flatland at its purest), but I read for a while about Lady Rothschild. That family, of course, features pretty prominently in some fringe theories and publications, so it's difficult to nail it down without wild-eyed hysteria, but I found this (and others):

She has been a huge supporter of HC for years. In fact, a night of her honeymoon was spent in the Clinton White House. She was so pissed off about Obama winning the nomination that she publicly supported McCain (and then Huntsman in 2012).

Her political philosophy is largely pro small government, pro social and economic progress. She's a supporter of something called "inclusive capitalism", which I hadn't heard of before:

Essentially, keep the system in place, but give more crumbs to prevent revolt.


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