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Jeremy MG

"For example, saying a bank is "too big to fail" is the ultimate subsidy. That bank has effectively been removed from the market. TBTF means the bank is immune to market forces."

Not just immunity to market forces, but outright criminal prosecution, as evidenced by HSBC's money laundering operations:


You would have thought this would be a major story causing a worldwide revolt. We are held hostages by these institutions to the extent that they engage in criminal activity which is essentially sanctioned by the highest levels of law enforcement. I'm sure there are plenty of people that assume large corporations and banks participate in these activities. However, to admit they avoided the consequences as a means to avoiding disrupting the markets is just disgusting. And still, you will have people who deny obvious inequities in the legal system and will rationalize people being killed by police for not being not being nice enough to the officers.

The economy really is everything to humans.

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