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Surprised they didn't make payday loans non-dischargeable in the last BK bill. Would have been a well aimed kick at the poors.


The best thing happening this week is that I am going on vacation with my family.

But for everybody else, the Robot thing is probably a solid number one. ;-)


Sorry for the offtopic, but I've been reading this:

What you need to know about the world's water wars

A pretty gloomy article, sure, that ends with this glorious bullshit:

Depleted groundwater is a slow-speed crisis, scientists say, so there's time to develop new technologies and water efficiencies. In Western Australia, desalinated water has been injected to recharge the large aquifer that Perth, Australia's driest city, taps for drinking water. China is working to regulate pumping. In west Texas, the city of Abernathy is drilling into a deeper aquifer that lies beneath the High Plains aquifer and mixing the two to supplement the municipal water supply.

And now I'm really amazed.

pat st.amour

mr. robot...art, imitating life, imitating art.


I can't believe the Dems are really pushing this "Trump is a Manchurian (Siberian?) Candidate" crap. How dumb do they think we are?


I'm pretty surprised Mr. Robot was actually allowed on the air, it seems remarkably subversive, especially for a network like USA. But then again, rebellion is always marketable.

Some Guy

Eye - Yes, I read that one on the water wars too, and thought of our host when I came to the obligatory last subheading of the article, "Is there any good news?"

Mike Roberts

Sadly, a $7B industry does buy a lot of influence in Congress. Money in politics is just one of a zillion things wrong with humans and their civilisations.


So the head of the party? Is a part time lobbyist for predatory loans, and the main support base of this party is the poor and unemployed, aka the 'target market' for payday loans? What am I missing here? Oh yeah the part where she actively working to fuck over the people she is supposed to represent, and she is the head of that organisation! Sorry for restating the obvious, but can you think of anything more cynical than that?


Another example of Hillary's true colors right here. What would you do if someone is found scheming and resigns in shame (sic)?...give her a position in your campaign.

Jeremy MG


How tone deaf could she be? You have people chanting Bernie's name throughout DNC speeches, and you just decide to gift this woman a position in your campaign. Straight up arrogance and more of this sense of entitlement to be president.


@BJ: link:

This isn't being reported widely in the mainstream media as yet. It's probably not a good message to send out at the same time as all the "happy" (as opposed to "dark") themes coming out of the DNC.

I expected Clinton to reward Wasserman Schultz with some sort of position assuming (and after) she wins, as that's how high level politics always works, but wow. "True colors" take two.

Melinda Fabrikant

Eye - re: water depletion, read this and weep . . . http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/11/02/453885642/saudi-hay-farm-in-arizona-tests-states-supply-of-groundwater


Well the big news from the RNC was Melania's speach, the big news from the DNC just keeps on getting bigger, apparently we are thick enough to believe it was the 'Russians' and QED Trump works for the Russians, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah the leaked emails, nearly forgot :/


Not the most useful comment of the bunch here, this, but, here goes:

I keep thinking there will be a day I wake up, read things like the comments/DOTE post/linked stories, etc. above and be slightly less shocked.

It's got to be the "flatlander" in me.

*Sad LOL*


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