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It's probably a pointless intellectual exercise but I've been wondering lately if one could write a sort of "Tractatus Politico-Economicus" in the spirit of Wittgenstein. Just a series of propositions and deductions. He started with "The world consists of facts, not of things." and worked through to basically show how we are fundamentally limited in terms of what we can speak about, and therefore think about.

We could start with "The political and economic world consists of human beings, not idealised rational entities." And then bring in all the necessary observations from biology, psychology, geography, and physics and work through to "prove" that we are fundamentally limited in terms of how we can act and organise ourselves.

All the pieces seem to be there, and sometimes late at night awake in bed I think I can see how to draw it all together, but bein a human myself it has a tendency to slip away.

And probably next to no one would read it anyway.

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