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Philip B

While reading this post it reminded me of the Nuremberg Trials and the defense used by the Germans for their behavior. Not only that example but the example of many Jews regarding the behavior towards the Palestinians.

It would seem to me that history, not just recent, is littered with people having to rationalize their actions in order to view themselves in a positive light.

Americans seem as prone to this as any other human on the planet with the belief of many that we are the poster boy for Democracy as Obama "told" the Vietnamese this week. To paraphrase he told them that if they would allow freedoms (implying that the U.S. does) their economy would prosper (as ours does).

I agree that more research should be done, but if it would result in our having to reflect on who we are and have to accept we're not such "good" people I sadly doubt there will be a rush to explore that line of thinking.

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