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Mike Roberts

Dave, your observation, Somehow, a person "knows", at least unconsciously, that he is doing something "wrong" is pertinent to this, I think. If it's known unconsciously, how can we be sure that it's known at all? I just wonder how valid the study was, given the individual perception of ethics (each of us has a different stance on what is ethical or moral, though they may overlap by a lot). It seems as though participants could objectively tell if some actions might be perceived by others to be unethical and it seems to be this aspect that the study was measuring - how memory of actions that may be perceived to be unethical, by those who may have some impact on the subject's life, could be diminished.

Maybe it doesn't matter which kind of memory it is but couldn't it be true that those who consistently act in ways that others think unethical do not, themselves, think those ways are unethical?

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