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Mike Cooper

Most people aren't 'for' anything, nowadays, surely? In Western countries there's the elite class with the money, the sub-elites doing the still necessary highly skilled and / or intellectual tasks, the great mass of the unwashed who do nothing useful, and the menials at the bottom providing the services such as cleaning, cooking, serving etc. And in the 3rd world, there's a smaller version of the elites and sub-elites, and then a large majority who form a peasant class doing the 'work' of making shit to export to the Western countries for bugger all money.

Which of course is your point. But of course it should probably fall down at some point (soon-ish?) when the masses and the menials have so little available resource that they cannot consume anything more than subsistence level items, and hence capitalism grinds to a halt and the elites start to feel the pain of reducing wealth. We are surely approaching that point at the moment. However the usual combination of greed and denialism will make sure that no actual plans are put in place to alleviate the plight of the poor in order to support the desires of the elite.

Of course if you want to talk about global carrying capacity etc. then you could argue that out of the 7.4bn people alive, about maybe 5.4bn of them are literally for nothing if the capacity is actually around 2bn.

As an aside - I saw this on Damn the Matrix, I love the bullet points, especially the last one. 'We must.' Apologies if someone else has already pointed this one out.

Mike Cooper

Sorry - here's the link I meant to include at the end. https://www.wunderground.com/blog/RickyRood/no-way-to-slow-down-silence-howling-in-antarctica


I just recently found your website and it's fascinating! I really enjoy the topics covered here.
“He didn’t do nearly well enough for college. There were only twenty-seven openings, and six hundred kids trying for them.”

This is exactly what is happening with college admissions now as my daughter painfully found out. Record numbers of applicants to the "elite" schools make it nearly impossible for even the well qualified (and wealthy) to get in. This is going to be a fascinating ride!


What are humans for? An interesting question...

If we are talking about the purpose for our existence from a theological viewpoint, then we are to fall back on the tenets of whatever faith the person asked the question might have. To promote peace and understanding. To find inner peace. To help mankind. To honor the gods. To reach Heaven or Nirvana (the place, not the band ;-). Theologically, then, the question has both many and no answers. I, for one, am not qualified to guess at this vein of questioning, so... on we go...

If we are talking about the purpose of human existence from a scientific viewpoint, then it would be the same as all the other life forms out there. We evolved, we exist, to survive. Nothing more, nothing less. We organize ourselves to consume the maximum amount of energy we can in order to survive and reproduce (individually and as a species).

If we are talking about the idea of what humans stand for, what we believe, or what we want to believe about ourselves, then it's a whole nother ballgame. It's hard to say what we believe because it's hard to know whether we truly have the capability to believe anything at all. Do we really believe the filtered stories we tell ourselves or do we simply accept them, knowing they are bullshit and not caring because bullshit is easier than reality? Are our conscious minds actually advanced enough to control our actions (writ large) or are we, as a species, really under the same unconscious, innate, biological controls as all the other creatures on this planet?

Superficially, consciously, in our filtered view of ourselves humans clearly, based on observation, believe certain things. For instance, we believe...

- we are special
- we are superior
- we are intelligent
- we are always improving
- we can always solve any problem
- we are the masters of technology
- there are no limits that apply to humanity

These are deep, core beliefs. The kind of beliefs that do not react well to contradiction. Therefore, contradictions are not allowed. They are the kind of beliefs that require us to "believe" that we do, in fact, live in a world in which we can all have purpose, dignity, self-respect and meaningful labor. The fact that this is bullshit is, in the end, irrelevant.

steve c

What are people for? Not sure where you might head with this, but I've been struck by the notion lately that we are a keystone species gone rogue. What evolution has given us- ability to pass on learning, ability to anticipate far into the future, and develop plans and collective activity to bring about specific things, COULD have been a neat trick by mother nature to enable "intentional" ecosystem changes or response to disruptions, but unfortunately, our overall makeup has made that potential raison d'être a failed experiment. ( At least so far. One can hope?)

Jack Jones

People are for the same exact thing that Ryegrass and Hyenas are for. To take what you need from whoever or whatever has it. That's all.
The eclectic skeptic
Jack Jones

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