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Being able to really quantify what is going on is really important and we are very good at that.
But being able to do something about what is going on is really, really important. And we just can't do that at all.

David Laskaris

*sings* Thaaaat's entertainment!!!

When does the next installment of the movie series come out? Gee, I really hope they solve the dilemma in that one!!! All of these great plot twists!!!! I wonder who the next villain will be!!! He better be bad-ass, or I might get bored. Oh, well, until then, what's on TV???


I feel your pain, Dave. It just never stops.

Well, at least if we get enough of an anoxic die off event, maybe our successor species can have another go at the fossil fuel game in a hundred million years or so...


In regards to Matthew Long, by more investment in monitoring systems he most likely thinks that by making a case for really needing to quantify things, he can get a really nice grant to continue funding his research. This will allow him to continue to justify his existence when no one else really cares about what he is doing.

Dennis Mitchell

Plenty of information these days. Red and blue, science and religion, Trump and more Trump, drink whole milk to lose weight, avoid going outside in the middle of the day because of melanoma, or in the morning or evening to avoid zeta infected mosquitoes, you will save the planet by buying led lightbulbs. You never loose money in real estate. I remember my dad telling me the Fed will prevent a depression from ever happening again. The great lie I can't seem to shake is "someday the government will fix it". I've heard lots of great ideas, but nothing being done that stands even a chance of working. Kill all the cars, cut down the power poles, make birth control mandatory. Guess I'm a little grumpy. Work,produce, consume...wash, rinse, repeat till death.

Dave Cohen


Re: plenty of information these days...

Yes. A veritable flood of pointless garbage. Humans making it up as they go along. Meaningless chatter or motivated "reasoning" (= bullshit). Social animals being social. Sound and fury signifying nothing, or worse, if you're on the receiving end of some nasty business.

Guess I'm a little grumpy too.


-- Dave


@ Dennis & Dave,

I, being "more than grumpy," concur that the "veritable flood of pointless garbage" is almost certainly at the crux of our cascading conundrums. However, how and why has this apparently become de rigueur? How and why does it seem so difficult for so many to discern "wheat" from "chaff," as it were? Is it merely "human nature," education (or lack thereof), an "evolutionary" wrong turn, something else, a combination of all the preceding? What is the significance of "belief's" sway over "learning" and "reason?" I know that you, Dave, have been endeavoring mightily to sort this all out and I, and many here, appreciate it. However, I think there's a veritable cornucopia of potential "causative factors" yet to be discovered, let alone discussed.

Dennis Mitchell

In my case I'm genetically predisposed to stupidity. My mom was a Democrat and my dad a Republican.

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