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and the heat rolls on...

T e Cho

Another astonishing event. This year is going to be strange indeed

It sounds trite, but expect the unexpected is now the norm for we who know the reality of AGW.

On another note, the naysayers of AGW are changing their stance on Slashdot.com - the genius nerd website - in arguments with the slashdot AGW acknowegers. An ongoing arguent theme thats been on for years and pops up sporadically when new AGW news is posted.

Now instead of denying it their new stance is 'so what' , ' i dont care" and ' i dont care about future generations after im gone' - but expressed with vulgarity for emphasis.

I was wondering what happens when people can no longer deny the truth. The reality was all along they just dont give a damn about anything but themselves . It suprising but it shouldnt be, kinda expected al along.

T e Cho


On a nother note regarding rhe previous ost...

In Pgh i recall for the last few winters Giant Eagle had signs up advertising they were giving away free antibiotics.
Any other Pghers out there remember this?

I thought it was a little bizarre at the time, gimmmicky..

Ill ask a giant eagle pharmicist next time i go , curoius now...

T e Cho

Sorry. .. It was slashdot.org Article about two days ago. Not slashdot.com


It's looking increasingly likely that we will soon experience a, virtually, ice-free Arctic summer. Possibly even sooner.
Then the heating will really begin to ramp up.
The first three months of this year have been around 1.5c above 1880s average, i.e.the temperature that the Paris chats told us were dangerous.
CO2 levels have recently spiked hugely, too, to levels not seen for tens of millions of years, if I'm correct. All sorts of records are being broken and unprecedented weather events are occuring regularly.
The transition to the next stable climate has begun and no one knows what will happen next, bar massive disruptions to global civilisation.
I knew this was coming, hence our decision not to have children. I didn't really expect the worst of them to happen in my lifetime, however.
Deny what you will, believe what you want to. It makes no difference.
Events are accelerating frighteningly.

Thanks for the hard work Dave.

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