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The sooner humans go extinct the better.
Shame about the hundreds of unattended nuclear reactors we'll be leaving behind.


What could possibly go wrong?


I started writing a rebuttal to that insipid video but then gave up. It was just too painful. Does that guy really think the problem is that we don't have enough data on how we are screwing up the planet? And manufacturing a few billion phones with sensors is going to change everything? I really wish I had that guy's glorious faith and naïveté.

Dave Cohen

Grow up, Jeremy.

-- Dave


Genetically modify humans so that woman can get pregnant once in their lifetimes. Problem solved.

Robin Datta

Our planet is a lonely speck...


Jamais Cascio. "Let's just rebuild EVERYTHING with high tech solutions and we'll be fine!" Hey, Jamais, not only is that not possible, but, in French, your name means, "Never".

John Weber

We are slowly technogizing ourselves into extinction. Technology is seductive. Is it the power? Is it the comfort? Or is it some internal particularly human attribute that drives it? Technology surrounds us and becomes part of our story and myths. Technology tantalizes the human mind to make, combine, invent. There are always unintended consequences with technology. It effects how we experience the world in time and space. It affects how we feel the world. If all the externalities were included in the prices and cost to nature, we would be very, very wary of technology.

I think we have moved from technology in the service of religion (pyramids and gothic cathedrals) to religion and culture in the service of technology. It isn't a deity that will save humanity but in the eyes of many - it will be technology.

We will do more of the same, business as usual until there are no more holes in the ground to dig, no more water above and below to contaminate, no humans to wage slave, no other lifeforms to eliminate. Yes, we are building Trojan horses in our hearts, minds and spirits. It will be elitist and entitlement and hubris – it will end with both a bang and a whimper.

Alexander Ač


its unbelievable that this blog is the only place where I put my full trust. It should not be that way. But this feeling only got stronger again when I clicked the interview with Jason Box, Greenland top researcher. It started:

XX: What mood do you want to leave us at the end of this conversation?

Jason Box: Optimistic.


Hell no! People already are optimistic! Thats why they dont care about anything! World runs on optimism! Why even good reasearchers cannot grasp this basic fact?

Bad programming indeed!



It can't be irony surely that this man's first name translates as 'never' in French - as in never stop, never give up, never think too hard, never change

Mike H

The ultimate hopium, that "we"somehow are capable of becoming planetary gamekeepers and guardians, we are not, we have not the intellectual capacity, collective will or patience to move from self interest and flatland thinking. We have done our best to exterminate any culture that so lived as mere guardians of the earths treasures its ability to provide life in all its forms and to respect it. We have exterminated a good part of the fabric of life and in so doing removed our ability to have any meaningful resilience. I find this form of thinking depressing, it is despair writ large!

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