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Points so obvious that one would think they would be universally understood.

And yet...

John Crockett

That ending is from the opening to the movie Contact, is it not? Always a favorite of mine. Thank you.

Dave Cohen


You can say that again.

Or not...

I really like that video.


-- Dave


Dave -

Wow. That pullback through the Pillars of Creation has never made me feel so small and yet so awed that we have viewed a part of the universe in that way.

I have no words.

Mike Roberts

Humbling and sad.


Even when I am just reading the words of Carl Sagan presented in that video, I cannot get through it without tearing up. It cuts through my cynicism like Occam's razor, reminding me that simple and profoundly true statements can, and should have, carried humanity on a much different course than the one we are on today. Instead, we choose to lie to ourselves and each other, delude ourselves into thinking that predestination (religion) is somehow superior to conscious choice and taking responsibility for our actions so that we might move past and heal from our mistakes instead of letting them fester in the darkness where we keep our most shameful secrets, many of which have generated the massive disparities and injustices we are sometimes fortunate enough to unearth, but never timely or brave enough to remedy.


We simply never were going to be that species zmonkey. That was never our 'path' to take.
We took the path we did because we are home sapiens.


That's certainly possible, Paul. I just can't help wanting there to be some other alternative to the path we are currently on.


On a sillier note: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buqtdpuZxvk

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