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It's ironic, each time I go on google today to look something up, their "doodle" is a picture of an animal that changes about every 5 minutes or so. In celebration of earth day. An animal that will most likely be extinct by the time my son is my age. Perhaps it should say "in memoriam" on the bottom.


I noticed that, Dan.. I kept getting a "melting ice" pattern forming the word Google. Nothing to do with the heat generated by their servers and what-not.

Here's a graph of temps from the NOAA:
They're going to have to get a bigger chart.


Dave - I always appreciate your music selections. When will we see a Dave Cohen jazz favorites list all in one post?


Here we have more shifting baselines, Just to confuse the shit out of everyone. The aspirational goal is a limit of 1.5c above pre-industrial levels, so lets have the big agencies report the data against everything but pre-industrial levels. If they wanted people to understand, it would be simple.


Just to clarify, the relevant baseline is 1880-1910, NOAA uses 1950-1980, NASA uses 20th century average and the IPCC uses 1986-2005.
This is how the world goes round. Bullshit is the grease for the gears of life.
Another day in planet stupid.
See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil, and when it comes to the current situation reality is evil indeed.

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