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michael horowitz

Orwell described the legions of formal and indirect agents of the insatiable elites as " paid liars and bum suckers." The core of these elites and their agents are to be found delineated in texts of abnormal psychology as Cluster B personality types, to wit, narcissists and sociopaths/psychopaths. A little clinical tutoring and training in clear thinking and logical fallacies would make them and their low cunning (not high intellect) transparent to ordinary people. This will never happen. The elites of every institutional form, including families, schooling, medicine, finance, politics etc. are infiltrated and in decadent times permeated and dominated entirely by such demonic types who hijack language and thought to their own ultimately absurd ends. Hence such impotent saws as "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Then there is the reality that the typical person who has a seeming hold on their own well being, with access to a working bar to press for food pellets and other necessities and amusements is a moral coward through and through.
As an aside (sorry, I can't resist) an18th century German wit remarked that "the American who discovered Columbus made a bad discovery."

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