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I saw this article this morning:

The sheer gall and hypocrisy is stunning. They're going to say Sanders isn't lily white (and he probably isn't, for that matter), completely ignoring the fact that by comparison to the Clintons, he might as well be.

From the article: “I think there’s a lot that has not yet been said and written about Senator Sanders and what he’s actually done,” New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who is campaigning for Clinton, told TIME. “This is someone who has been in Washington almost 30 years. You don’t stay in Washington that long unless you’re a politician and you understand politics.”

She might as well have said that you can't be a politician for 30 years without being at least a little corrupt.

The knives are coming out:

But then, a direct debate about the issue won't work in the Clinton's favor. Sanders is saying he's the anti-establishment candidate, and Clinton is saying people should vote for her, essentially, because she IS the establishment candidate. In the current environment, there's a chance that won't fly:

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