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"Good" implies "good for humans", an anthropocentric outlook, which is our predicament in a nutshell. We can't look beyond ourselves, so we will only get ourselves.

Purdy is stuck there, and I couldn't help but laugh at the article stating how he started out writing about "irony's corrosive effect on culture" (very telling). He acknowledges that human natural tendencies exist, but he still thinks we'll slough them off and become a new entity once we start understanding the damage we're doing. Besides the progressive mindset displayed there, the trouble there is that the damage will have then already been done.

He also talks a bit about loving destroyed landscapes for what they are, and I can't help but think about shifting baselines. Each generation assumes they live in the norm, and this helps drive a progression to destruction instead of improvement. Looking at a destroyed landscape and thinking it's wonderful would seem to work against the notion that we'll wake up after seeing the damage we're doing.

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