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In other Trumpenfuhrer news, he recently claimed to be quite itching to let nukes start flying.

Ken Barrows

Most people depend on their news from institutions that depend on advertising. A recipe for disaster, but one wonders what a better alternative would be.

Bryce Wellington

"We realize that democracy in America is only a distant and fading memory."

Yes, and another step away occurred Friday, as CISA was passed and signed by "the most transparent President in history."

Bryce Wellington

...also, and:

And the White House is reportedly on board. According to a leaked document published by Dustin Volz of Reuters, titled “Summary administration priorities for CISA”, the White House’s priorities line up with the new version of the bill — despite the fact that the administration threatened a veto over very similar legislation in 2013.


The last 2 sentences of the Moyers article, attributed to FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, are 2 of the sanest, and apparently most irrelevant, lines I've ever heard or seen. Those words being, "... Democracy is about holding power accountable. If we don’t even know whom to hold accountable, how do we hope to govern ourselves successfully?” I think the sagacity of those statements should be obvious yet, as Bill and Dave point out, they are utterly irrelevant since life, for most "people" on this planet, is all about the mother-fuckin' money. All other priorities rescinded." Until THAT changes, and I can't perceive how that MIGHT happen without absolute catastrophe, anything else is tantamount to treating the double amputation of both legs at mid-thigh with a single, pinky-sized bandaid.

Moreover, Taibbi is spot-on when he comments that, "With his increasingly preposterous run to the White House, the Donald is merely articulating something that runs through the entire culture. ... It's not an accident that his attention span lasts exactly one news cycle. He's exactly like the rest of America, except that he's making news, not following it – starring on TV instead of watching it. Just like we channel-surf, he focuses as long as he can on whatever mess he's in, and then he moves on to the next bad idea or incorrect memory that pops into his head." (My emphasis.) Further confirmation can be found in this article. As I've said, too many times, the crux of "the problem" is too many stupid(=ignorant + ill-informed + irrational + narcissistic) people!

Nonetheless, I am quite dismayed that not Dave, Bill or Matt even allude to the real danger in all of this BS. To understand that peril, one must attentively (i.e., ZERO distractions, take notes) [re-]watch every damn second of Adam Curtis' The Century of the Self. The gist is in the oft-quoted adage, "Tell a lie often enough and loudly enough and people will believe it as truth." Further elucidation may be obtained by researching subliminal stimuli and the function of the precuneus via your preferred sources.

Perhaps these two quotes from Jurassic Park and JP III sum things up sufficiently...
Dr. Ian Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.

Dr. Grant: With the best intentions? Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.

@Bryce Wellington, that was to be expected, was it not? What this country and its government are, as opposed to what most believe them to be, are decidedly incongruent. Or have I missed something?

Bryce Wellington

Yes, ColinC, it was, but it's still worth remarking on, I think, if only to mark the "decline".

Dave Cohen

I see nobody has anything to say about Chayefsky's classic movie Network.

It is of course a big week for Star Wars.

What a shame.

-- Dave


Well, Dave, I'd thought I'd rambled too long with my earlier comment, as it is posted, so deliberately omitted saying the following.

It's sad, really, that everyone(?) remembers Howard Beale's rant out the window and on-air proclaiming he's "mad as hell" (and "we" should be, too). However, with respect and thanks to you, it was the lecture aimed at Beale in that darkened board room by Ned Beatty's character, Arthur Jensen, poignantly included by you at the bottom of your article, which was the defining and illustrative segment of Chayefsky's work. Nonetheless, I think it still abbreviates adequately to "It's all about the mother-fuckin' money. All other priorities rescinded." I started to "transcribe" Jensen's lecture but there was a word my old ears couldn't quite perceive so I did a search for that quote and found it here (near the bottom). The word of my woe was "immane." Quite an "interesting" word and I wonder which definition was intended by Chayefsky, though I think both apply aptly. (BTW, the quote is included on the appropriate IMDb page.) So, in light of all this and that, I'll reiterate, "There is NO hope, Obi-wan." Not even a legion of Yodas will change the course toward a [nearly?] dead Earth.


Well here is something. I have always found Jensen's rant to Mr. Beale to be a kind of sublime revelation of how the world works. I imagine this is like the talk that newly inaugurated, still wet-behind-the-ears presidents receive from the money men, encouraging them to fall in line with the program. This is just before they are shown the Zapruder film clip of JFK getting his head blown apart, as a reminder of the consequences in case they decide otherwise.

Dave Cohen

Re: Zapruder film

If you're looking for a way to get kicked off this website, you have certainly found it.

Final warning. You have no fucking clue how the world works.

-- Dave


Dave - take your meds.
Take a chill pill .


@Jeremy: it's Dave's site, he can say whatever he wants to say, and I'd suggest insulting him isn't the wisest course. I can see why he gets so frustrated sometimes, as a number of comments often seem to completely miss the point he's trying to make both as a combination of all his posts together and in the specific post.

I personally don't have much to add to this particular post. It's a very sad commentary on the media and politics today, and spot on.


I should probably take this moment to differentiate myself from the other Jeremy.

Ken Barrows

I am not as mad as hell, just resigned. It's the way of Flatland.

Bill Hicks

Dave - saw the headline below and I immediately thought of you:

"A Swarm of Coal Freighters Is About To Invade the Great Barrier Reef"


Happy Fucking Holidays

-Bill H


You're not dead!


Agreed, Network was a incredible movie that an astonishing level of prescience. The leftist-revolutionaries arguing about syndication fees from the Mao Power Hour (IIRC) had me rolling in the aisles...

It was also blessed with an all-star cast.

Call it one of those things that we can enjoy while the world ends knowing damn well that the satire is our only defense in the war on sanity...

Long time lurker, always enjoyed your insight...

Dave Cohen

I did not write this post to give voice to left-wing paranoia.

That's Flatland bullshit.

"You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale."

When Jensen says the world is a business, he is saying that doing business is the principal preoccupation of humankind. And the world has been a business "since man crawled out of the slime."

Damn right.

And if rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are anything to go by, we see that Jensen's characterization is entirely correct.

Now re-watch the video with this more profound interpretation in mind.

-- Dave


Wow never heard of Network but after seeing those clips, I gotta see this movies! Thanks Dave!

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