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The Wet One

And this is why I say let's start the discussion on geo-engineering now (including dealing with more acidic oceans and whatever other problems arise that we don't yet know about).

Since we're going to destroy the planet's ability to self regulate, we'd better get used to regulating the environmental conditions that exist on this planet. If we don't, sooner or later, things will get very uncomfortable for our species. Why wait until then rather than act now when the problem is relatively much smaller?

David Laskaris

@ "The Wet One:" Seriously, dude, you really NEED to catch up. Read these:





Well as for India
Shame on South Korea, Japan and India for their somewhat lower level of cynicism.

The Wet One

I have actually read those three essays. That's why I came here in the first place.

Alexander Ac

Hi all,

a rant from fracked UK :)




David Roberts chimed in about the deal. He's pretty stoked about it, although I'm still scratching my head as to why:

Apparently, the fact that the developing countries are involved instead of just the developed nations is a "big f'ing deal". The fact that China hasn't promised to peak their yearly emissions until 2030, India didn't promise a ceiling at all, and most of the rest of the developing nations didn't promise a cap as well isn't important, I guess. They're involved in the process, and that's a "conceptual breakthrough", although it's a process of voluntary, non-binding commitments, even to the developed countries.

He likens nations to teenagers who will be shamed by peer pressure if they don't live up to their commitments. He also pitches the Kerry line that the agreement sends a clear market signal.

Anyhoo, here's China:

Andy already brought up India. And what of the good ol' USA? This came out today:

For us to make our INDC target by 2025, we're going to have to do a LOT more than we're currently doing, and that's IF the Democrats stay in power for the next ten years. This has a decent review of the situation:

We just pulled a number out of our arse and promised we'd keep it, knowing full well our situation with Congress, and with just ten years to do it. We knew we couldn't pass a climate agreement in Congress that has the word 'shall' in it, and yet we think we'll actually implement the strategies needed in that same Congress. Nice.

And we're going to be shamed when we don't come close to the target? Will China? Japan? India?

Also, look to the left of the Climate Tracker chart regarding the INDCs. No nation is ranked as a "role model". Only Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Morocco, and The Gambia are rated as "sufficient". Care to guess what percentage of the problem they are?

Dave Cohen


Truly, friend, if people can't see Flatland right now, in the optimistic post-Paris halo, they will never see it.

But of course in the general course of things they will never see it. Still, with all this astonishing bullshit, the time is right.


-- Dave

Mike Roberts

Well, the UK just voted for more fracking (this time under national parks - WTF!). And the UK Met Office are projecting 2016 to likely be warmer than 2015.

Climate deal? What climate deal?


The UK just slashed subsidies for solar as well today. So much "shame" it hurts.

Nations are like a bunch of teenagers-- in fact most of us are like a bunch of teenagers. But there's no shame in being "bad" if everyone's doing it.

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