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Rifkin or the people buying what he's selling...

Tough call.

Probably a push, really. Aren't they both just symptoms of the same thing? Flatland. They're both just looking for feedback that reinforces their current world views, that allows them to comfortably ignore other possibilities that are too scary to contemplate and must therefore be filtered in some way or another. Rifkin might be further into denial, but it's probably only because he's bothered to think about it a bit more. Thinking is dangerous. When we think we encounter all manner of cognitive dissonance. The more we think, therefore, the more we need to find safe havens to avoid the dissonance. Rifkin has a grand story to tell because only that level of story can make him feel better at this point. The audience probably doesn't need the whole story to make them feel better, but they definitely need the punchline.

So, maybe I'd take Rifkin after all... but don't give the points. ;-)

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