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T e Cho

Hi Dave,

Great post, timeless issues.

A person is born into his limited, local, lucky or unlucky environment. He experiences his own little statistical sample of reality. Hes seen it with his own eyes and knows its 'true', but its a small local sample. Meanwhile everyone and society is constantly telling him what to belive about all of reality, be it the current science, religion, political or social dogma. And often what hes seen differs from what hes been told. What to do?

What does he WANT to believe? What SHOULD he believe? What gets him ACCEPTED into the groups he needs to be in for an easier survival? What gets him laid?

Sometimes its easier to be wrong and running with the herd than right and standing still and getting run over by the herd. For a while anyway , unless hes in the part of the heard that runs off over a cliff.

Does knowing the actual REAL TRUTH about reality, not being a flatlander, make one happier? Anyone?

And in the case of the stock market, its not what IS TRUE, its what people BELIEVE IS TRUE. Prices and money made are based on belief and not on 'true' valuation. Its all great until the belief network crashes to the ground.

And the wild optimists always seem to be having the most fun.

What a world.

Have a good weekend Dave and everyone.

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