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Interesting. So, is your thinking that this natural, unconscious priming of our brains to assign intent to the actions of others both positively and negatively affects our ability to communicate socially? That is, on one hand this mechanism allows us to recognize and, sometimes, accurately ascribe intent to other human beings, which allows us to recognize "like minds" and establish the in-groups necessary for concerted social efforts. On the other hand, however, the mechanism is also responsible for us naturally falling into these social in-groups, which must implicitly result in out-groups. The constant and permanent existence of both of these groups, combined with the reinforcing nature of this unconscious mechanism, then must lead to the evolution of some process that allows for communication and negotiation between our various in-groups and out-groups. This process is what we call politics.

Is that a rough idea of what you are getting at? Or am I horribly off the tracks?

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