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Perhaps the most hilarious thing is that us humans are so unable to find a frame of reference for these challenges. If it's "10 years out" we can kinda see it and find it alarming, but "50 years out" is already ignored... Human civilization has had a several thousand year run, and we can go to the bookstore and casually buy (modern translations of) books originally written 1000+ years ago. This sort of threat could derail that forever. But we are totally incapable of thinking in terms of hundreds of years, or even in terms of our full lifetime (75~ years).

Much of the talk about global warming has been in terms of 2100, which is far enough away that most people don't care. But then I'm not sure people would care if it was 2 years out - unless it's actually happening to them in a big, obvious way.

I am fairly certain that in my lifetime SOME of the big bad stuff is going to hit (I'm 34 now). But I can only watch in bemusement. We really can't help ourselves, can we?

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