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People DO care. I'd say most people care about something, and they can be quite passionate about it. I have an aunt that sends along the hyper-conservative email chains with personal comments. They CARE. They just don't understand, and that's a pretty vital skill to have in being able to "identify" and "dismantle" a problem.

"As long as we believe that people, our own neighbors, are selfish, stupid or lazy, then there's no hope."

Here's the thing about this - the majority of people ARE selfish, stupid, and lazy. It's like the average IQ measure - at least half the people are below the average, most of the rest are close to the average, and the very few that are well above average are still HUMAN - inherently limited and not nearly as smart as they think they are.

Donald Rumsfeld's Machiavellian grin comes to mind. Many of the 'intelligent' ones, at least the ones engaged in public policy, are virtual or very real sociopaths and understand the stupidity, selfishness, and laziness of the masses and work to reinforce those traits towards their own personal benefit - hence, the media and governments actively encouraging disengagement, awarding the trivial and distracting, and seeking personal profit over the public good.

Any sane and semi-literate look at politics and the media today will see on a constant basis the pandering, obtuseness, and superficiality of it all. Most of the people in our government and media know they're talking to idiots. The handful who actually dare to speak to a higher level of understanding are instantly punished.

Meslin's ending conclusions in the video are only accurate if he thinks: a) the majority of people are above average in intelligence, or b) the majority of people will be educated towards correctly identifying and dismantling selfish, stupid, and lazy behaviors, when the people leading our society are the most interested in maintaining them.

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