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I have said it before and I will say it again -- you are made of sterner stuff than I. I tuned in to about five minuets of the first episode and there were Masai racing around in Land Rovers, wearing night vision goggles, so as to live in peace with the local Lion Pride.

Well after that I just thought: "I am sure Dave will be tuning in and if he said there is a point of subjecting myself to this I will find out then".

By the way, my commie friends, have an expression for the point you made at the end of your post.

When supporters of other political lines do what the commies consider to be, a good job covering some particular exploitation or social oppression, while at the same time showing-up the limitation of a non-party line analysis of said exploitation/oppression, they call that "good exposure".

The masses start out with "good exposure". It prepares the masses for the correct party line, by allowing party supporters to struggle with them, by showing them the draw-backs of non-class analysis of "the exploitation and oppression the system generates".

Perhaps I need to find better introductory "good exposure" before I bring up Flatland. But then, the capacity for ever being able to see Flatland is more then likely genetically determined. Education can overcome "false consciousness" resulting from a particular socialization but it can never rewire consciousness itself.

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