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That's a lot of words from Lloyd and Hirstein. It would have been a lot easier for everyone if first Hirstein and then Lloyd commenced their writings with this sentence: "In everything that follows, I'm kidding myself." Then we'd have the choice either to nod sagely and move on, or idle away an hour or two adding up all the corroborations of their opening statement.

Come to think of it, "I'm kidding myself" would make a fine mantra for Homo sapiens. Morning, noon and night.


Granted there is an unlimited number of micro elements to human behavior, enough to fill a 100 libraries, but YES you can say that all of these things boil down to the understanding that if you don't pursue money you will die. And that is the primary driver of all human behavior. The only exceptions come from those who have seriously tapped into money and/or are 100% invested in denial that money determines whether you live or die.


Don't give up on the Flatland series, Dave, I for one eagerly await every installment.
Best wishes

George Mayne

A nice little example from the Prime Minister of FlatAus. The same 2D guy that said coal is good for us:

"But Abbott urged the country to take a more optimistic view of its long term finances.

“What the Intergenerational Report will show is that, yes, we have a big budgetary challenge – a very big budgetary challenge – but a very substantial start has been made ... I guess the challenge for all of us in these times is to show our typical Australian optimism and, yes, we can look at it and say the glass is half empty, I would always prefer to look at it and say the glass is half full because I am really pleased with the very strong start that this Government has made to sorting out the budgetary mess that we were left by our predecessors,” he said."

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