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"The Lima Call For Action was mostly about money, who has it and who will get it."

It has been my observation for the past 2 decades that, in fact, the very lives of 90+% of all the people in OECD countries and, more recently, "developing" nations are "all about the mother-fuckin' money." (H/T Leopold Stoch.) For more than a century that has been the main point in the programming to which we have all been subjected for the dual purposes of enriching the already too wealthy and reducing everyone else to mere resources, i.e. cogs in a vast "machine" serving the primary goal previously stated. Unless one is a billionaire-plus, and in the "favor" of those with even more, all others are no more than "fodder." Indeed, any actions taken at this time or in the future to "mitigate" AGW will only and exclusively enhance the survivability of the parasites which have enslaved the masses. Therefore, the choices "we the people" should be considering are 1) save "them" so they can do it all over again or 2) wipe the slate clean and let "nature" begin anew in a few million years.

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