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Well, for animals equipped with a "bullshit weapon" it would seem that those running scams and benefiting from the scams would be smarter-n-savvier (higher evolved) than the dumbasses being feasted off of.

So... fighting scams (aka corruption) is kinka like fighting gravity (which isn't a very scientific approach to life).

What people need to do is make sure they are participating in the scams.

Dave Cohen


I've had enough of your comments, each of which is exactly the same as all the others. You may think you're clever, but you look like a one-trick pony to me, and unconscious.

Time for you to go away.

-- Dave


Glad to see NOTaREALmerican go by, by. His comments were really starting to get under my skin.

T e Cho

Agreed. Psychopath philosophy is revolting. I believe DOTE readers lincluding myself dont care for that highly toxic radioactive rat s... Far lower than BS. Im not gleeful over the corruption and decline, but its better to see it more clearly...etc.

Thanks Dave.

Lets keep the rodents away.

All the best.


Glad to find DOTE cleansed of an unfortunate infestation. Anyone who considers Dick Dastardly Cheney "highly evolved" should have his head examined elsewhere. We're so far out of the town called Flatland that wasting breath talking to its inhabitants is an insult to oxygen-producing trees. Thank you Dave.

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